Like anything in life taking the time and research to choose, is often the right step towards increasing purchase satisfaction. When choosing a car you might look and visit the car in the showroom perhaps 2-3 times before purchasing.

The average individual will spend 40 hours per week working without any mention of overtime, so with a 48 week year removing mandatory holiday the average individual will work 1920 hours per year! And then for how many years?

Therefore, when it comes to choosing an item that will be used for countless hours, it is vitally important that your chair facilitates good posture, spinal alignment, lumbar support and reduces muscle fatigue. For an item that will be used so frequently it is imperative we choose wisely to actively promote our physical health.

When choosing a new office chair it is vitally crucial to know what you want the chair to assist you with. Below are a few points of common credentials posted for an office chair.

Now the above bullet points are just a small amount of possible requirements a user might want to focus upon when buying a chair, but of course everyone is different. Below are a couple of questions and recommendations for increased comfort and product longevity to look out for in the long term.

  1. When sat down can you have your thighs comfortably parallel to the floor
  2. Does the chair back promote an upright posture?
  3. Are the armrests positioned or able to be adjusted to place your elbows comfortably
  4. Are the chair wheels durable (often the first thing needed to replace)
  5. Is the chair base stable and easily maneuverable
  6. Can the chair be easily repaired/ does the company have good customer service.

When asking these questions of the chair it can often help with your choice. Nowadays most shopping is done online and a picture or video is definitely worth a thousand words so just double check and see if they allow trial periods.